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Welcome to my website.  My journey in photography began in 1970-71 with my tour in South Vietnam.   The assignment was to be an advisor to a Vietnamese hospital radiology department. Since medical imaging was my training before  the military and having experience in radiology dark rooms, it was a natural process to migrate in to the world of photography. While having access to a black and white darkroom my photography interest was born.  Through the years I have enjoyed both black & white and color dark rooms in my home.  The progression of digital photography has allowed  the developing process to move into my laptop digital dark room. Living in majestic Alaska since 1981 I have focused my interest on landscape, wildlife, and travel photography.

In my travels to other states or countries my process is to think of what stories there are to tell  from the images I take and how I can use the available light to tell that story. Many stories have different interpretations and that, simply is the beauty of the photograph.

My purpose in creating this site is to share some moments in time that I have been fortunate enough to capture with this wonderful medium of art. The intention is that our appreciation for the beauty of the land, along with the excitement and grace of the animals that inhabit it, will accelerate our vision to pass it on for others to enjoy.

I dedicate this site to my lovely wife Radine who puts up with and supports my passion for photography.



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